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The Bost Building

In another lifetime, almost in another world, the mighty Carnegie Steel Corporation labored endlessly at the internationally famous mills of Homestead Steel Works in Pittsburgh, PA. In this other lifetime, the city’s steel built a growing America, gave the Union Army the upper hand in the Civil War, and greatly aided the Allies in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II.

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The Motivation that Fueled the Controversy

The Motivation that Fueled the Controversy

The Carnegie library of Pittsburgh is one of the many Carnegie librarys that can be seen around the world. Carnegie’s libraries are living legacies to his charity and compassion to the community. The Carnegie library of Pittsburgh is one of the largest ones that underwent extensive remodeling to shape the building to Carnegie’s liking and to attach the Carnegie museum of natural history to the library. Due to this change it’s possible to be wondering through stacks of books and look out certain windows and be meet with dinosaurs. Carnegie’s love of dinosaurs comes from the pride he took when an expedition Carnegie funded found a nearly complete fossil skeleton of a Diplodocus that he named “Dippy”.


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Bost Building

By Katharine McNulty


As I get off the bus I can imagine the smoke stacks active and the hustle and bustle of the workers running around shoveling coal and melting the steel. I am in Homestead, the old home of the Carnegie Steel Corporation. As I walk around, I can see how much change has occurred to create the open-air shopping and dining center now in the Waterfront. As shown by the picture below, the Waterfront used to look nothing like today. Back in the peak of the steel making days, the Waterfront was the focus of all the pride and glory that we in the “Steel City” have for our heritage.

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