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The Mattress Factory

Dismantling and accumulating, proliferating and separating, the sense of obliterating and the sounds from the invisible cosmos. – Yayoi Kusama

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A Mattress Factory Without Any Mattresses

At first glance, the Mattress Factory exudes modern creativity. Visitors are instantly greeted by walls covered in dazzling color-changing panels. Further inside the Mattress Factory, visitors will find several unorthodox installation art exhibits, which are built, housed, and taken down all within the confines of each room. These exhibits vary from minimalistic rooms with only a single projection of a shape to an intricate house filled with intricate trinkets and furniture. This creative expression is deeply rooted within the history of the area. The history of the Mexican War Streets illuminates the rise of creativity in the surrounding area and ultimately explains the construction of the Mattress Factory.

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